Ten Ways the Bible Disproves the Trinity.


Many Prophets, One Message

Bible monotheism

The doctrine of the Trinity defines God as one being who eternally exists as three distinct Persons — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Put simply, “one God in three persons”. Each of these persons has their own will, personality and they each perform different roles. While distinct from one another in these regards, in all else they are stated to be co-equal, and “each is God, whole and entire”. This is a typical diagram used by Trinitarians to summarise the doctrine of the Trinity:

Doctrine Trinity

Now, if the Trinity represents the truth about the nature of God Almighty, and was preached by Jesus (peace be upon him), then one would expect this to be reflected clearly throughout the Bible. Moreover, one would not expect to find anything which negates the doctrine. What follows are ten reasons, taken from the Bible, that disprove the doctrine of the Trinity.

1. God does not…

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