Tender action, personal modesty & touch of Prophet Joseph a.s.

You shall learn everything (of your phenomenal life) before our next meal, but let me first teach you Faith (truth of God)!

You may think I am as young as you, or younger. Yes, but I have the heritage of great men reknowned for wisdom and truth, such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Surely what they know is worthy of respect. Never did they swerve as hair’s breadth from the Gospel of Unity. It is not that we boast. It was God’s grace that taught us and God’s grace is teaching all mankind. But men show their ingratitude by inventing other so-called Gods.

Are we not also companions in misfortune? And may I not speak to you on terms of perfect equality as one prisoner to another? Well then, do you really think a conflict of heterogeneous gods is better than the One True God, whose power is supreme and irrestible?


One Response to “Tender action, personal modesty & touch of Prophet Joseph a.s.”

  1. 1 hourihouri

    Prophet Muhammad s.a.w kissed the shy Fatimah’s forehead and chewed a date and put into Zainab’s mouth…Umama…Umm Salama fasted every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday..

    Prophet Idris a.s. went from India to Yemen to Egypt; Prophet Ibrahim a.s. came from Palestine to Egypt to Mecca

    On the 63rd of Hijrah, Governor of Medina is Walid bin ‘Utba i.e. grandson of Abu Sufyan. During caliphate of Hadrat Ali r.a., Umar a.s. was the Governor of Persia and Bahrain.

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