Are 90% of Malays Extremist?


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It is indeed funny to see how the star lined up a band of people whom it called the voices of moderation.

Well I don’t care about the non-Muslim (not Malay) in the line up because it is none of my business to interfere with how they want to define the term moderation, but it is kind of appalling to see the Malays in the list. They are

  • Marina Mahathir
  • Zaid Ibrahim
  • Razali Ismail (chairman of Global Movement of Moderates)
  • Zainah Anwar (Sisters in Islam co-founder)
  • Karim Raslan
  • Azmi Sharom
  • Anas Zubedy
  • Wan Saiful Wan Jan
  • Sharyn Shufiyan (Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter)

I want to clarify that I have nothing against them personally. What I am against is the people who put them in the list and claimed that they are the voices of moderation that represent the Muslims whereas many Muslims (including me) and Malays are against their…

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